Chinese Symbolism of Dragon Raising Head

Cultural Incorrectness
Source: Waverley Leader, 4 Feb 2014, Page 5

Dragon CharacterTo the Chinese, the dragon is a symbol of power, strength, and good luck for people who are worthy of it. Hence, dragon head raising is an important ritual during Chinese New Year.

The dragon is also the symbol of Chinese Emperors. With more cultural awareness our Mayor would have held the dragon’s head upright, to show the auspicious respect of the dragon symbolism and not kneel down to tarnish it. This is particularly important for someone in authority, especially symbolically posing correctly to bring in the new year energy for Monash. Additionally, the Year of the Wooden Horse, while fiery and energetically strong, also has a record of warfare, which also means a year of risks in conflicts and disasters.

Symbolically, the picture does not represent a culturally appropriate and auspicious kick-start into 2014 for the Mayor.                        omg, lol


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