Rally at Monash Council

Oppose public aged care sell off by Victorian government

The Victorian Government has called for interest in participation in a PSRACS Reallocation Provider Panel with a view to disposing of Public Sector Residential Aged Care Services (PSRACS).

The call does not provide any reassurance for consumers of aged care or the community in general. Both land and buildings may be disposed of.  Detailed information is behind commercial in confidence.

The document fails to:

  • substantiate the need to sell
  • mention quality standards or benchmarks
  • consider the impact on aged care residents and the community
  • demonstrate that is more than a simple ‘money grab’ by the government

The acknowledgement in the document of bond increases (see quote below) will be alarming to aged care residents who cannot afford the high bond prices charged by many providers.  Increasing bonds to provide accommodation for ‘baby boomers’ a large proportion on whom do not have the means to pay for aged care accommodation is flawed planning.

Reallocation of these aged care places:
► Will involve the transfer of PSRACS places to alternative service providers
► May or may not involve the transfer of land and buildings, and other vacant land held by the Department
► May involve the transfer of accommodation bonds, related liabilities and the potential for accommodation bond uplifts
► Will be subject to all necessary approvals by the Commonwealth Department of Social Services. Other Commonwealth agencies that provide regulatory oversight include the Aged Care Commissioner,
Aged Care Complaints Scheme and the Aged Care Standard and Accreditation Agency (from 1 January 2014 will be known as the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency).

Reducing the number of public aged care providers is a serious risk to benchmarking standards for quality care including staffing profiles.

Department of Health  Invitation to Register for Panel: Summary Information PSRACS Provider Panel

Empowering Monash & You will consider publishing details of protests and other materials against the sale of public owned aged.  care.  Email details to:    xx

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