CALD = Interfaith Respect

Interfaith DialogueThe Monash Mayor, Cr Geoff Lake, apparently lacks Culturally and Linguistically Diversity (CALD) intelligence.

His Twitter remark: “There’s many core challenges for local govt to focus on rather than being side-tracked by these sorts of debates” is ridiculous. GL TweetHis tweet is in response to a Herald Sun article  debating of having an opening official prayer in Council when they are already doing a similar New Age modified spiritual ritual of acknowledging traditional indigenous owners.

CALD = Interfaith Awareness & Respect
CALD = Interfaith Awareness & Respect

CALD intelligence incorporates knowing that spiritual faith plays an important role in many communities. Debating whether to include prayer and/or acknowledgement of local indigenous tribes makes sense in a multicultural society, where cultural beliefs and values are intertwined with spiritual principles.

 Cr Lake’s remark disregards respect for encompassing diversity in spiritual faith differences –  prayer rituals do encompass interfaith and extend beyond Christianity….

Culture Clash 2Empowering Monash & YOU reasonably expects the Mayor of Monash to give more cross culturally aware and inter-faith inclusive responses.

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2 thoughts on “CALD = Interfaith Respect”

  1. Spot on.The article’s focus is about the communication process underpinning Cr Lake’s tweet – it was never intended to persuade supporting what is a right or wrong viewpoint regarding the institutionalization of prayer rituals in Councils. Process also reflects the communication style, cultural diversity responsiveness and social media literacy of the communicator and has impact-effects on message-receivers. We all witnessed first-hand what that means.


  2. I personally do not consider that religious practices are appropriate as a part of our government activities, nor for that matter, is the current lip-service practice of acknowledging traditional owners. There are others in the community who will more or less strongly support or oppose both or either of my views and they are as entitled to their opinion as am I.
    The problem with Cr Lake’s response is not what he thinks about either matter but the way in which he continues to demonstrate a disconnect between the actions of Council and the views of the community – the matter is worthy of debate if the community considers it worthy.


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