STAFF CONCERNED! Monash and Elizabeth Gardens staff jobs and care at risk?

Aged care staff

In today’s Waverley leader (18/02/2014) it states that staff are concerned that the new  Monash and Elizabeth Gardens Aged Care provider will not provide the same working conditions as Monash Council.  They have every right to be concerned and the provider should provide them with answers. They need to consider the care of the residents as changes to staffing levels or conditions can affect the care of these residents.

Mayor Geoff stated that the council does not agree with ANMF that staff are concerned. You will find that many staff  and community members will disagree with this statement. Has the Council or Geoff Lake visited the facility lately before making this statement?

Pip Carew ANMF speaks about the impact of the sale on staff

Monash Council promised that the same level care or above will be provided by the new provider. To achieve this staff levels or conditions should not be changed.                                                                           “A key reason why Royal Freemasons has been selected following the tender process is because it is able to provide a standard of care at least as good – and if not better – than that provided by Council.”

Will the council breach their promise made to the community and the aged care residents? What are the community’s thoughts on this?

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4 thoughts on “STAFF CONCERNED! Monash and Elizabeth Gardens staff jobs and care at risk?”

  1. One wonders what universe the Mayor lives in. Clearly he has no feel for the people whose jobs are at risk, just as he demonstrated little understanding of the impact on residents of this poorly executed exercise in an ideology which runs in complete contradiction to the principles of the Labor party of which he is a member.


    1. Sebastian, the staff are Council employees – I find it beyond disbelief that the Mayor denies staff are anxious!!! The staff have been running on high anxiety for months and you just have to congratulate them on the high standard of care they are giving despite this. Who would vote for any of the Labor bloc after they have run so blantantly in the face of their party???


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