EM&U Media Release 19 Feb 14

Empowering Monash & YOU
Media Release 19 February 2014

Website Bannerv6

Online Community network emerges from Monash Community unrest

The selling of Monash Gardens and Elizabeth Gardens by Monash Council has divided Council and community. Never in the history of Monash, has the poor governance process of Council been exposed by a strong, relentless and public community campaign.   An early expression of community restlessness is the creation of the web blog Empowering Monash and YOU(EM&U).

The unique nature of this successful public campaign was characterised by:

  •  A group of leaders who had no previous experience of politics
  • Rallying of family, friends and community members
  • Active Engagement of senior and elderly citizens
  • Much local and mainstream media news coverage
  • Involvement of churches and other community groups
  • Support from Members of Parliament extending across the three major parties
  • Encouragement and input from independent aged care advocacy groups
  • Support from the nurses and health workers unions

The Council hoped to lessen the damage of going ahead with its sale by selling to a quality ‘not for profit’ provider.  The community is welcoming the provider but it is still aggravated about the leadership and performance of Monash Council.

The context of empowerment is in line with the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) guidelines – a standard adopted by Monash Council but apparently poorly understood or implemented.

Through the web blog EM&U people from diverse backgrounds will share mutual interests and goals, their experiences and commentaries of local governance and compliance, the different quality of their engagement with Council and their evaluation of Council meeting performance. They will advocate for affordable and quality aged care in Monash and nearby communities. The web-blog promotes inclusivity and shares lessons learnt.

Empowering Monash and YOU Team Members:

Gayle Nicholas                  Dr Chan Cheah                  Hariklia Nguyen


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