Councillors’ Failed Report Card

I was not at the meeting and this has given me an overview of the meeting. This is very well done. Thank you!
However it is sad to see that Monash Council still need to improve in some areas

Monash Ratepayers Inc.

MRI Letter to Monash Councillors

Dear Councillors

Your performance in Tues Council meeting went reasonably well, until you had to bring personal bickering and party politics’ abuses into Council affairs. By doing this, you also showed contempt to the code of conduct through your disrespectful and what we see as pre-orchestrated behaviours. This is not the first time for many of you, you have often repeated many similar incidents in past.

 Is it because you are bored of mandate debates and like some entertainment for all, making the Council meeting a circus show?

 While you achieved entertainment and political scoring, you failed in meeting the Council meeting experience expectations of your constituents. We will continue to progressively monitor your governance performance in future Council meetings and other public activities.

To see full details of report card, click here.

25 Feb Council Meeting Report Card

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