Monash Mayor in Council lobby share $272,000 payout

Monash Mayor in poor view once more…article written by MRI

Monash Ratepayers Inc.

 The Herald SuGovernancen (13 March 2014) reported that the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) Board members were paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in allowances and expenses last year:

“………MAV Allowances & Expenses…. City of Monash mayor Cr Geoff Lake earned $9736 from the MAV to go with his annual mayoral allowance and superannuation payout of $93,000.

The ALP had preselected Cr Lake to run in last year’s federal election for the safe seat of Hotham, but he was dumped after the Herald Sun revealed that he had abused a woman in a wheelchair several years earlier…..”

Monash ratepayers pay tens of thousands as Council’s annual MAV membership fee. For manyInvestment Management 2 years, Geoff Lake has acted on behalf of MAV as a Trustee Director of Vision Super, which caused all Victorian Councils  large defined liability payouts last year.

To this day, many people perceived that the Trustee Directors of…

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