Be involved – it’s only survey fatigue!!

At the risk of survey and meeting fatigue setting in and workers falling asleep at their desks, twitching nervously and jumping at shadows we are urging YOU, the people of Monash, to get involved in the Council’s efforts to engage the community.  Surveys and public meetings are quite the thing for Monash Council at the present time.  Some surveys and meetings get prime coverage on the home page of Council’s web site while some are harder to locate. One scored top billing with a mail out*.

This last week there has been much grumbling over a 25% increase in pet registration fees (Waverley Leader 8 April p4).  Council responded the increase was in last year’s budget.  Did you see it?  We didn’t!  Get involved now to stop unwanted changes being passed.

EM&U has compiled a timeline of events and closing dates to help you plan your involvement over the next month or so.  Forget going away over Easter – Council is still to schedule public meetings re the 2014-15 Budget and public submissions may be made!!!!!

Saturday 12 April, 10 am – 1 pm
Meet the Mt Waverley Councillors in Hamilton Place.  This is an opportunity to talk about the surveys and meetings or any other aspect of Council.

old Glen Alvie estate Mt Waverley
old Glen Alvie estate Mt Waverley April 2014

Tuesday 28 April, 7.30 pm
Monthly Council meeting.
If you live in Monash you can ask a question in Public Question Time.  However you need to submit the question in writing the day before.  See: Sorry, if you work or volunteer in Monash the Council does not consider you a member of the ‘public’ for the purpose of asking a question.
Whether you are asking a question or not come along and watch the meeting from the Public Gallery.  It is a good way to find out more about Council business.  Representatives from EM&U will be there.

Wednesday 30 April, 5 pm
Public meeting regarding the planting of nature strips. Oakleigh.  See:

Wednesday 30 April, 5 – 8 pm (yes, two meetings on the same evening!)
Public drop in information session on review of the Monash Planning Scheme

Thursday 1 May, 5 – 8 pm
Public drop in information session on review of the Monash Planning Scheme

Monday 5 May, 5 pm
Public meeting regarding the planting of nature strips. Glen Waverley  See:

Glen Waverley Street
A Glen Waverley Street edged with nature strips

Monday 5 May
CLOSING DATE for Age Friendly Monash Survey**

Friday 9 May
CLOSING DATE  for Survey of Planning & Policy

Glen Waverley April 2014
Glen Waverley central June 2013

Friday 16 May
CLOSING DATE  for feedback on Nature strip Planting Scheme

No specified date
Have your say on the School Sites Project

No specified date
How to stop two graffiti hot spots


Please note on your survey form If EM&U is the only place you heard about these surveys & meetings.   🙂

*The reluctance of Council to do mail outs is a sore point with EM&U as in July 2013 relatives of residents at Monash Gardens and Elizabeth Gardens requested Council to mail all Monash residents information about the proposed Aged Care sell off.  They outright refused.

**Monash Council’s Positive Ageing Action Plan 2010-2014 recognises older people prefer to receive information by post or local paper.  Many of our older citizens do not have computer access or could not use a computer for the purposes of answering a survey.  Even so this survey is online.  Printed copies are being distributed but not by mail.  Please help to ensure all over 55 year olds know about this survey.  Carers and others may help complete the survey for an over 55 year old who cannot complete the survey themselves. There is plenty of room for comments on this survey form so please provide plenty of relevant feedback on the needs of the Monash community.


3 thoughts on “Be involved – it’s only survey fatigue!!”

  1. Reblogged this on Save Monash Gardens & Save Elizabeth Gardens and commented:

    Monash Council are currently running an Age Friendly Monash survey for over 55 year olds. It is important this survey is completed to accurately represents the needs of the community. Aged care residents have needs that differ from active senior citizens. An example is the outings they enjoy. Outings can be easier if there is wheelchair and walker access, flat walking tracks, suitable bench seats etc. What else? Fill a survey in for yourself and then check with elderly parents or neighbours to see if they need help filling theirs in! If they are not active members of senior groups they may not even know about the survey! Go to: for more information.


    1. I agree it is very important to make them aware of survey. The survey will be posted to people who are registered in the PALS Positive lifestyle programme .The Age Friendly Ambassadors are meeting with older adult groups to gather feedback but still they need all the help they can get. If anyone else wants hard copies you can contact Sallenna Moutis, Positive Ageing Community Development Officer on 9518 3585
      or at


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