naturestrip in Monash

Redo your nature strip before selling your house? Give your feedback.

Monash Council has put forward draft guidelines on the planting of nature strips – perhaps YOU should influence the guidelines by completing the Council’s online survey and / or attending an information session on 30 April or 5 May.

2014-04-23 14.18.48

The proposed Guidelines include:

  • responsibilities for care of nature strips
  • requiring a  permit to plant on your nature strip
  • requiring removal of plantings if a buyer prefers grass
  • permissions and restrictions on plants
  • consequences of non compliance

2014-04-23 14.57.43

Copies of the draft Guidelines, details of information sessions and access to the survey are available at:

Feedback to Council is required by Friday 16 May

2014-04-23 14.27.17

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One thought on “Redo your nature strip before selling your house? Give your feedback.”

  1. I was able to attend the first part of this evening’s meeting re nature strip planting guidelines and permits. There were several people asking about the planting of vegetables and herbs which are not allowed under the present guidelines. The health risk described in the guidelines was challenged and the case put that vegetable growers are more likely to attend their plantings than many who plant natives for a quick care solution.

    Other concerns included people with mobility devices negotiating nature strips and getting out of cars when there was no flat surface beside the car. Discussion also included where to view the indigenous plants that are recommended for planting in the draft report.


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