EM&U Inaugural Meeting 28 May – RSVP required

Empowering Monash & YOU Inaugural Meeting

Wednesday 28 May
7.30 pm
The Yarn*
St Leonards Church
349 Springvale Road
Glen Waverley VIC 3150

Guest speaker:  Cr Robert Davies,
Monash  Mulgrave Ward Councillor

Cr Robert Davies

Cr Robert Davies will address our questions about Monash Council’s decisions, plans and processes. Cr Davies is in his first term as a Councillor at Monash Council.

During this term he has:

· Voted against the sale of aged care facilities due to multiple and major flaws in the governance process implemented by Monash Council

· Requested an enquiry into Euneva Car Park to find ways of recouping some of the huge loss

· Is objecting to the current budget plan because:

o The budget increases Council debt in a context this is not appropriate, and

o The proposed rate increase of 6% in rates is unnecessarily high

A small cash donation at the meeting will be appreciated.  It will help EM&U cover:

  • a donation to St Leonards Church for use of their facilities, and
  • incidentals such as mail outs.

Places are limited!

RSVP: EMonashU@gmail.com

*The Yarn is on the right hand side as you enter St Leonards Church from Springvale Road

map showing location of St Leonards Church
Location of St Leonards Church



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