Help Save Shorty appeal

The Shorty O’Neill aged care village in Broken Hill is being sold by the provider.  The people are trying to save their much loved facility.  In Monash we know what this is like:  we have felt the anguish and heartbreak.

Why are the Broken Hill  community raising money?

FIrstly, we are going to become approved aged care providers in case the government doesn’t allocate funding to build a new aged care facility in Broken Hill. Not being accredited meant that we couldn’t nominate to take over Shorty when an Expression of Interest raised no applications and the provider wished to close.


Our community challenged Monash Council on the lack of provision for community offers in their Expression of Interest criteria.  They weren’t interested:  it would have slowed down their quest to sell and have millions of dollars in the bank before the end of 2014 financial year.  Now they have millions of dollars in the bank they want to raise rates anyway.

The people of Broken Hill are fighting for quality aged care for their loved ones.

All communities should be given the opportunity to investigate plans for community run facilities when sale of aged care residences is proposes.


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