Mt Waverley Primary School

Draft Vision Statement for EM&U – feedback please!

The draft statements below were prepared at an EM&U “Leadership Group” meeting in April.  We welcome your input.  Use ‘leave a comment’ button above to provide your feedback.

Mission Statement (Purpose & Values)

Empowering Monash and YOU (EM&U) fosters a community where all community members have access to knowledge, community services and media. Community members should be partners in democratic decision making in local government and engaged at the community level and be actively involved in advocating for areas considered a social responsibility, including quality in aged care and inclusive practice.

Vision Statement (Purpose & Values)

Empowering Monash and YOU (EM&U) is an independent, apolitical, collaboratively run community advocacy and networking group working to empower community members through building community knowledge, providing media access, and supporting collaborative community partnerships. It proactively includes groups and individuals from diverse and disparate backgrounds.


Empowering Monash and YOU (EM&U) consists of:

  • A Leadership  Group
  • Working Groups – short or longer term
  • Go-Getters – volunteers on call
  • Members

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