POA? Be sure to check credit card fees

Having a Power of Attorney (POA) for an aged care resident requires attention to detail.  Four years running my elderly father has been charged a fee on his Mastercard that should not have been there.  Four years running I have rung up the bank and been told it won’t happen again.

Keep a close watch on all bills to ensure the elderly person you care for is not wrongly charged!!!


2 thoughts on “POA? Be sure to check credit card fees”

    1. Hi JB, it depends on the account. In my case if there is $1,000 over a year on Dad’s credit card then there should be no fee. With pharmaceuticals for two parents on the card it doesn’t take much to push the annual total over $1,000. BUT every year a $24 annual fee appears. Every year I ring up and they tell me it is a mistake and it won’t happen again. I am wondering how many years my elderly parents paid unnecessary fees! How many other elderly people are being ripped off like this each year? Check the details of charges on all accounts to ensure your loved ones are protected!


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