2014/15 Draft Budget Review Findings

Monash residents may make submissions on the budget. These are due by 30 May. The budget investigation by MRI (below) provides plenty of food for thought!

Monash Ratepayers Inc.

After careful reRates Reliefview of Monash Council’s  2014/15 draft Budget, we concluded that there is no reason why Council cannot cap rate increases to CPI level, or better still have no rate rise for next year.  Rates are property taxes and they forever go up above CPI.

Struggling PensionersIt is the social responsibility that Councillors help give some relief to struggling pensioners and families in Monash who are trying hopelessly hard to cope with escalating high cost of living and tax increases.

This budget allows Councillors to have it both ways – they can  spend on the nice to have priorities (such as recreation and sporting areas) that give them brownie points public profiles, and they can also give financial relief to all ratepayers. They can do all these while STILL ensuring Council’s financial position is very sound!

The supporting rationale for this conclusion is based on the following key…

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