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Local Government

In the Monash Municipality, following the dispute over the sale of residential aged care the community has been questioning governance and decision making practices followed by the Council.  The community has been asking for participation in Council processes at higher levels of the IAP2 spectrum i.e. collaboration and empowerment.

In July 2013 the people in Monash began protesting against the proposed sale of Council owned and managed aged care.  Hundreds of protesters had no previous experience of Council and were shocked by the secrecy and lack of accountability.  Many community  representatives, including local Members of Parliament, Monash Ratepayers Inc., and the Australian Nurses and Midwifery Federation of Victoria joined forces with the protesters criticising the process undertaken by Monash  Council.

A few years ago the former Minister for Local Government Hon. Jeanette Powell MP began an inquiry into local government practices and recommendations have been made but not implemented.  We will keep up to date with  Local Government Reform Agenda.

In the Local Government category we will follow the processes used by Monash Council.  Meetings are open to you, as a member of the public, and we encourage you to view the monthly meetings from the Public Gallery.  The restrictiveness of and lack of outcomes from Public Question Time, declaring Conflicts of Interest, Professional Conduct and Ethics and broadcasting of Council meetings are of particular interest.


One thought on “Local Government”

  1. G’day Gayle The Participation document is interesting; perhaps EM should arrange a meeting with a bunch of Councillors, including ex-mayor Perri, to discuss the elements of IAP2; I can attend and take care of Small Business issues and Power to/from Oldies-Pensioners. Cheers John


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