Council meeting 24 June: 2014 Council Performance Results lower

Are you happy with the performance of Monash Council? They meet this evening (24 June) at the Council Offices 293 Springvale Road Glen Waverley. By sitting in the Public Gallery during monthly meetings you can make up your own mind about how our Council performs. EM&U members will be there. Come along and make up your own mind as to how democratic Council processes are. Ask yourself how effective Public Question is, whether all Councillors get equal speaking time, whether party politics is crossing the line into local government and so on.

The post below was written by Monash Ratepayers Inc. It is worth reading!

Monash Ratepayers Inc.

Poor MayoraltyThe 2014 performance result of Council is just released – click here for details. Under bad leaders, the Council has gone backwards in its performance during the last 3 years, especially 2014. In any year, the leadership of Councillors, especially the Mayor, is the primary cause of Council’s poor performance. As part of a bad leadership culture, it is easier to blame it on others, which still goes on  – see Council official response to explaining the bad results:

poor-leadershipBad excuseThe aged care matter only highlighted what are already growing governance issues in Council’s decision making. If not for the high impact protests, people think that the outcome would be worst – the community pressure at least made Councillors choose a buyer that is non for profit and not for the highest bidder, as originally would have happened as money was the reason for selling. The experience for the first Clarinda…

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2 thoughts on “Council meeting 24 June: 2014 Council Performance Results lower”

  1. Thank you for you comment htng. Unfortunately I cannot see any evidence that the Council is taking the community seriously.
    Our cashed up Council is increasing rates by 6% when the CPI has only increased by 3%!
    Did you see the residential zoning in yesterday’s Age – Monash has let its citizens become the poor cousins of other neighbourhoods.
    I am surprised their performance is not rated lower than it is. Then again, I think there is a large segment of the community who do not know what is going on. I encourage citizens to attend Council meetings!


  2. I expected their performance to be low after the stunt they pulled! I hope council does take the community seriously now, including the Mayor. Too be honest I think some new councillors are needed to fix their problems. I think some of them have done a lot of damage by making the wrong decisions and also Council.


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