Women photographed at pool?

An EM&U supporter forwarded us this copy of her letter to Monash Council:

On July 8th 2014 The Monash Leader reported the Monash Council had spent $69,000 in 2011 on a privacy curtain at the Clayton Pool. The curtain enabled women only pool sessions, a wonderful effort in recognizing and addressing women’s needs, not just cultural needs within our community.
Whilst people may feel this is a terrible waste of money, I for one would like to see changes made to meet women’s needs at other Monash pools.
During the week of July 14th women attending a group water exercise class at the Monash Pool in Waverley Road asked the life guards to speak with two male individuals who were sitting on pool deck with their mobile phones pointed at the women.
The life guards told the women that the pool had removed signs stating mobile phones are not to be used on pool deck as “this rule is too difficult to enforce”.
Having signs prohibiting mobile phones around the pool, and staff educated in ensuring offenders are removed would be significantly cheaper than a $69,000 privacy curtain, but would still result in women being comfortable to join in these exercise classes.
Council, please make some changes to allow women to swim in comfort at ALL Monash pools instead of women having to resort to the only pool in Monash with a privacy curtain.
EM&U Supporter (name and contact details supplied)

Has your privacy been invaded at the pool or in other community areas?  How would you like privacy to be improved at our pools? Please click on “leave a comment” above and to let us know what you think about women’s privacy.


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