One year on…what do YOU still need to do?

One year ago…

9 July 2013: residents and relatives of residents at Monash Council’s aged care facilities received letters announcing the Council is proposing to sell the aged care facilities

16 July 2013: notice of intention to sell land advertised

23 July 2013: Council calls for Expressions of Interest in purchasing aged care facilities

Public gallery overflow September 2013
Public gallery overflow September 2013

Do you know who said this?

“Hold on a second, how can you claim you’re consulting with us and you have the community consultation forums booked in the next couple of weeks yet you’re out to tender based on these concept plans? … What sort of a sham process is this?”  Waverley Leader 22 July 2014


This quote is NOT one of the aged care campaigners, though it well could have been! It is Mayor Cr Geoff Lake. Just one year after the Council employed a totally sham process to sell aged care they are complaining about the same process being used by the Department of Transport in the Clayton Railway Station project.

EM&U invite active campaigners from last to continue working towards better governance in Monash Council. Our gains were good but likely to disappear unless we keep working towards our goals. Small concessions are fine but we are working toward major goals e.g. more community friendly and open Public Question Time, community involvement before the developers and planners are called in – and not only on small, easy programs but on the tough projects such as budgets and high rise building development.


Then please join us in the gallery at the Monash Council on Tuesday 29 July 7.30 pm. The agenda is online at: On the agenda are: Family Day Care, Review of the Monash Planning Scheme, Nature Strip guidelines, Euneva car park and more.

There are plenty of questions to ask about this agenda and only one question allowed per person!  A reminder to email, fax, deliver your questions to Council by 12 noon on Monday 28 July.
If you are unsure or need help please email


On top of Euneva...
On top of Euneva…



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