Community asks for consultation and inclusivity

Debate over photo ban on pool decks bubbles away online as Monash Council promises community consultation

Regular swimmer Jane Turton wants mobile phones banned at Monash pools, after she saw a m
Photograph from Leader Press article cited above.

One thought on “Community asks for consultation and inclusivity”

  1. Local Councils do have a role in relation to photography in their municipality according to this article by the Arts Law Centre of Australia:

    “Other penalties and provisions may exist for other areas in other States and Territories.

    Restrictions may also be imposed by Local Councils on premises under their control, such as swimming pools. Following public concern and outrage due to “incidents” involving the photography of unwilling bathers on beaches, Councils were prompted to prohibit photography in these and similar areas. For example, you need a permit to commercially photograph any outdoor, publicly-owned space in Waverley, including beaches, parks, streets and cemeteries. It is therefore advisable to check with the Local Council whether there are restrictions on photography, however most restrictions seems to apply to commercial photography.
    – See more at:



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