Meeting re unwanted photographs of patrons at MARC pools

If you dig down into the City of Monash Facebook page, ‘posts to page’ section you will discover a meeting has been called regarding photographs at Monash pools.  The incident arose after two men spent time taking mobile phone photographs of a water aerobics class at the Waverley pool.

Unlike  most other pools in the region e.g. Monash University, Whitehorse, MARC has no restriction on photographs at the pool.

While no-one wants to restrict parents taking a photograph of their own child there are many other situations where people are uncomfortable about being photographed.  Privacy and safety are of the utmost importance.  An attempt to invade privacy and safety can destroy the experience of the many people who regularly attend the pool for exercise and socialising.

Please attend the meeting on Wednesday 27 August 1 pm at Marc in Waverley Road, Glen Waverley.  The meeting is for patrons of all Monash pools, whether members or casual. If you cannot attend please let the pool manager or Council know your views on this situation.


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