Is volunteering empowerment?

Is volunteering empowerment?

no sale harik                                     Yes it is!

For many years I have volunteered my time on a variety of causes and with a variety of organisations. I have gained a wealth of knowledge in different areas, confidence and fulfillment, while at the same time making a difference in a community or people’s lives. Even if you are volunteering your time for a small cause you are still making a difference. An example of this was the campaign against the sale of Monash’s Aged Care facilities. This united volunteers from other communities and diverse backgrounds to help the Monash community fight a common cause. Empowerment was brilliantly shown during the campaign.

Recently I am volunteering my time to another project. It is a project to help gain awareness of a particular Neurological movement condition I suffer from called Dystonia. Despite my condition I have still managed to volunteer in a variety of areas. I am hoping that this project will raise more awareness in Australia.   A Dystonia awareness website and Blog will be running all thru September. This site has have info on Dystonia, stories of several sufferers, an awareness video, updates and events. If you want to help raise awareness please visit the site or provide link to other people.

Website and Blog

Facebook and twitter page

I also encourage volunteers to share their experiences and their stories on volunteering. If you would like the opportunity to do this please contact EM&U.  If you would like to comment click on ‘leave a comment’ on the top.



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