Glen Waverley: Up she rises!

Walking through Glen Waverley this week I noticed two property development notices.  What particularly caught my eye was the proposed height of these buildings and the reduction in car parking spaces. Feeling not well informed I decided it is time find out more about the planning process encouraging others to do the same  and to have a say.  YOUR view is important!

Information on ALL applications for planning permits is available on the Monash Council web site at:

What questions do we, the people of Monash, need to ask Council? Whatever question you have is valid and should be asked!

  • What will the quality of life be for the increased population living in apartments in these areas?
  • How will the experience of Monash community using these areas change?
  • Can developers be required to provide facilities for pedestrians and cyclists?
  • Will developers be permitted to reduce car parking spaces?
  • How can the community have more input into development in their area?
  • Can councils play a more educative role in the area of property development?
  • others (please leave a comment!)

Application for planning permit 1:  15 storey building in O’Sullivan Road

There are to be two public information sessions about this application
Thursday 18 September 6 – 8 pm  & Tuesday 23 September 2 – 4 pm at the Council Offices 293 Springvale Road Glen Waverley

2014-09-12 13.44.49
Notice of Application for planning permit for O’Sullivan Road.
Copy of page from planning documents on Monash Council web site – the pink building is the proposed 15 storey building. The ink blue buildings in front of the IKON building are on the current Central Car Park site and appear to represent the developer’s vision of a possible future for the Glen Waverley Activity Centre.

Application for Planning Permit 2: five storey building in Springvale Road

2014-09-12 14.14.47
Notice of Application for planning permit for five storey building on Springvale Road

What do YOU think of these proposals?  Leave your comments to let us know. Note this is not communicating with Council so make sure you respond through the channels on the posters above if you wish to do so.

My view?  With the potential for high rise development in Glen Waverley the Central Car Park should become ‘Central Park’ i.e. NOT be built on.  They quality of life for people living in apartments in Glen Waverley and those shopping, walking and cycling through will be much improved by a large community open space.


5 thoughts on “Glen Waverley: Up she rises!”

  1. There’s no question that we need to take steps to accommodate a growing population without expanding the urban boundary to infinity and beyond. We have not choice but to go up and to build more dwellings per house block than we have in the past.
    However, it’s hard to understand the need for such extreme height. Monash has a current population density of roughly 1700/sq km; Hamburg (second largest city in Europe according to Wikipedia) in Germany has a density of 2300 people/square km and they seem to be doing very nicely with very few apartments exceeding 8 to 10 storeys and a great deal of open and green space.
    The traffic volume around those corners and laneways is worrying. It’s pretty tough moving past the front of the Salvos and down from Springvale Rd to O’Sullivans Rd already – with traffic trying to get into the apartments at the start of this route and out at the end it’s going to be interesting to say the least.

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