Monash Council votes TONIGHT on Glen Waverley Activity Centre Plan

The 15 storey tower proposed in O’Sullivan Road opposite The Glen is only one issue for the people of Monash.  The Glen Waverley Activity Centre Plan proposed high rise throughout the central Glen Waverley area.  There are indications such development will move along the railway line to surround all areas near railway stations.  From what I hear this is NOT what residents want.

One of the issues is the feeling of powerlessness in the community.  People feel their say doesn’t matter (and past performance of the Council reinforces this view).  Stand up and have your say!  What future development do you want in Monash?

Visit the following Leader link to have your say:

Come to the Council meeting at Monash Civic Centre, 297 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley TONIGHT 7.30

Email, write, ring Councillors to let them know you vote for them and you don’t like what is happening.

Also on tonight’s agenda is the Council’s feedback on the Electoral Review.  This is the people’s opportunity to enable fair electoral practices in local government elections.  Should Council candidates have to declare the political party they belong to?  My vote is YES, they most definitely should.  Read the agenda item 7.2 for more information:

What property development do Monash residents want?
What property development do the residents of Monash want?

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