A Glimspse into the 30 Sep 2014 Council Meeting

Having been in the gallery for the meeting last night I consider this article to be a clever parody of the proceedings…we laugh but we should be very concerned and review what we as a community are doing to ensure good local governance…

Monash Ratepayers Inc.

From one of our members’ reflection of yesterday’s Council Meeting, which was also shared with the Mayor and other Monash Councillors:

Dear Geoff

 Monty_Python_reuni_2738729bI have not been to Council Meetings for several months. Last’s night’s episode was entertaining and amusing to see a growing new Pythonesque and high context leadership culture emerging. To help build community engagement and rapport, I share openly with you insights of my reflections about last night’s meeting:

I am certainly bemused to learn that there is a new leadership dimension that can potentially added to the GLOBE first order leadership factors – a Mickey Mouse leadership feature. Well done Councillors for giving this new and cute insight into the study of leadership. MC means more than Monash Council now, it also stands for Mickey-Mouse Club – it is so cute and Kitty Cat.

 I didn’t realise the last…

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