Monash Council complaint re Today Tonight not upheld by ACMA

Save Monash Gardens & Save Elizabeth Gardens

Monash City Council’s complaint to the Australian Communications and Media Authority about Today Tonight’s coverage of the proposed sale of Monash Gardens and Elizabeth Gardens was not successful.

In 2013 Today Tonight ran three segments on the community’s protest against the Monash Council’s proposal to sell aged care residents.  The segments were very successful in informing the community of the protest.  They included interviews with residents directly affected by the sale.

Issues raised were:

Issue 1: Provoke or perpetuate intense dislike, serious contempt or severe ridicule against a person on the ground of age and/or gender

Issue 2: Portray in a negative light by placing gratuitous emphasis on age and/or gender

Issue 3: Accuracy

A. Statements that are not factual e.g. 

Councillors are ‘cowardly’, ‘sneaky’, ‘have reached a new low that is disgusting’, conduct themselves with ‘democracy, Monash style’, ‘ignore’ and ‘fob’ ratepayers, and are motivated by ‘money’, ‘greed’…

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3 thoughts on “Monash Council complaint re Today Tonight not upheld by ACMA”

  1. Cr Geoff Lake is Disappointed with the ruling. Do not like the word ‘heartless’ well I think voting to sell an aged care facility which affects the elderly or vulnerable people is heartless!
    Here is what else the ACMA report had:
    Monash Council complained that it is false, inaccurate and misleading allegation made about a particular Councillor that was ‘distracted by playing with iPads during Council meetings.

    Here is ACMA response to this:
    ‘The ACMA notes that the broadcast did not refer to the particular Councillor by name and did not assert that Councillors were ‘distracted’ or for what purpose their iPads were being used. The accompanying footage included a pan of the Council meeting at which questions were being asked and which featured a number of Councillors including one who was focusing on his iPad. The ACMA considers, in the context of the segment in its entirety, the ordinary reasonable viewer would have understood that, as is usual in business meetings, Councillors were using iPads. This was factually accurate’

    I suggest everyone reads this report it is alarming to say that they complained about many things as been inaccurate. I was at those meetings and these things did happen, cannot believe they were denying the truth.

    Cr Geoff Lake is disappointed with ACMA’s decision and whining about it, well just like a PM has said recently ”Get a bucket of cement and toughen up”!


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