AGED CARE TIDBIT: How aged care residents level of care is assessed

info image courtesy of Stuart Mile  at

Some changes have been made to the aged care system, including removing the distinction between low care and high care.  Individuals will be assessed and a care service will be provided to meet their needs.

To determine the level of care a resident is needed they are assessed using the Aged Care Funding Tool (ACFI).

This tool helps the aged care provider to determine if resident has nil, low, medium or high needs from each of these three categories.

  • activities of daily living (ADL),
  • behaviour (BEH), or
  • complex health care (CHC).

Residential care as respite care is classified differently. The ACFI has 12 questions and  are rated on a scale of A, B, C, or D to help assess an individual’s ‘ACFI rating’.

The subsidy paid for a resident is made up of the sum of the amounts payable for the three care domains.

Here is a snippet of it:


 For more info click on links provided:

Info image courtesy of Stuart Mile at



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