Who would be the Monash Peoples’ Choice for Mayor?

Protesters question Mayor at Brandon Park Shopping Centre Nov 2013
Angry protesters question Mayor Geoff Lake at Brandon Park Shopping Centre Nov 2013

Monash Council meet on Monday 24 November 7.30 pm at the Council Offices to elect a Mayor for the next 12 months.

The current Mayor, Cr Geoff Lake, and previous Mayor, Cr Micaela Drieburg, felt the anger of the community during the biggest protest Monash has ever seen. As Council proceeded with the sale of aged care residences neither Mayor was perceived being transparent or consultative.  There was much dissatisfaction with answers to questions put to the Council during Public Question Time and considerable criticism of Council’s viewpoint in the  press.

As this year’s vote is taken three Councillors, including the current Deputy Mayor, are on leave.  Crs Davies, Zographos and Dimopoulos are standing as candidates in the imminent State election.  Six of the remaining nine Councillors need to be present at the meeting for a quorum.

Members of the public may attend this meeting.

If the Mayor was elected by the people of Monash who do you think would be the next Mayor of Monash? Please comment!

For a List of Councillors See:  http://www.monash.vic.gov.au/council/councillors.htm

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4 thoughts on “Who would be the Monash Peoples’ Choice for Mayor?”

  1. Out of the councillors only Nolan is left as Cr Drieberg is a weak leader when she was the Mayor during the old folks residence sale,and. did not have the courage to change things so that peoples voice is hear. Most of the present councillors need to be changed at the next council election- so that fresh vibrant and people who will stand up for Australian values and to stand up for the Australian constitution.We need new councillors who will change things to take peoples recommendation than the that of the lobby groups who stand to gain.


    1. Hi Sathia,
      The choice of Mayor will now be between Cr Bill Pontikis and Cr Paul Klisaris. We should all be there to cheer Bill on!!! We haven’t forgotten how Klisaris didn’t reply to emails and phone calls in the latter stages of the aged care issue. I agree with you! Let’s only vote for Councillors who are going to genuinely and openly consult with the community


  2. We now know Cr Geoff Lake will not stand for Mayor. The three Councillors on leave (Crs Davies, Dimopoulos and Zographis) cannot stand or vote. Given the Labour bloc Crs Pontikis and Paterson are unlikely to be elected. Whose left? The next Mayor will be Cr Lo, Cr Little, Cr Nolan, Cr Drieburg or Cr Klisaris. Crs Klisaris and Little are most unlikely to be the people’s choice after their unwillingness to respond to constituents during the aged care protest.


  3. It would have to be someone who was there for the residents and ratepayers of Monash; someone with fresh ideas and a mind open to public participation.


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