Some Councils do empower their communities!

Monash Council has received ongoing criticism from its constituents for a lack of high level or meaningful engagement with the community.  In 2013 protesters against the sale of council owned residential aged care were told the Council bases its public participation on the IAP2 spectrum.  However, public scrutiny revealed only the lower levels of the spectrum are being used.  There have been repeated requests for collaboration and empowerment of the community.  This means involving the community in decision making.

Now Melbourne Melbourne City Council and Darebin Council have been involving their communities in decision making though Citizens Juries.  Through this process the community is involved in deciding where funds need to be spent and making recommendations on rate rises.  The success of the projects will ultimately depend on uptake of the Juries’ recommendations as final decisions are made.

People’s panel pitches in to advise Melbourne City Council where it should spend $5 billion
The Age Wednesday December 3 2014

Comparing the Citizen Jury process described in The Age on 3 December with the current 2014-15 budget decision process being used by Monash Council illustrates Monash Council’s low performance in community involvement.

That’s right the budget process for 2014-2015 is already underway – and – despite feedback on community involvement there have been no modifications to the process.

For further information see our previous post:
Council ignores public requests to improve consultation over budget

Rally 2013
Rally against Monash Council decision 2013

2 thoughts on “Some Councils do empower their communities!”

  1. It’s time every concerned ratepayers in Monash revisit the call for real community participation when the budget scenarios are developed. NOT after the final scenario / draft has been chosen. MRI will support EM&U call for adopting a “participatory budget” approach in how Monash Council develops adopts its new budget for 2015/16.


    1. Thank you to Monash Ratepayers Inc for joining a call for a participatory approach to the annual budget. Of course the people of Monash should have a say in how their money is spent!


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