Recording /streaming Council meetings benefits disabled constituents

The following case for the streaming/recording Council meetings was sent to EM&U by one of our readers who wants to remain anonymous.  Identity details have been provided to EM&U and we have decided to publish.  We reserve the right to use our discretion on whether to publish.

I suffer from a variety of medical conditions which can make it very difficult for me to attend council meetings. The other issue is I do not want to constantly rely on my carer to take me to these meetings; this takes away my independence and puts a burden on carer. If I can view the meetings as live streaming or recorded at least I can feel like I am present at meetings. I do not want to read thru long minutes each time to know what was discussed at meetings I prefer to see it as it happens.

anonymous reader (identity details provided)

Reader’s letter to Monash Council supporting streaming / recording of meetings:

letter to Monash Council 17 December 2014
letter to Monash Council 17 December 2014 – click on image for larger version


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