Aged Care

There is an Australia wide crisis in aged care which is expected to worsen as the current ‘baby boomers’ age and the demand for aged care increases.  Many elderly people are not safe or well cared for.  Quality care for every elderly person is a social responsibility.  It is your responsibility and mine.

Many supporters of Empowering Monash and YOU oppose the sell off of public aged care. There is a high risk of a decline in quality as public ownership shrinks.  Council and state government owned facilities have typically set benchmarks in many areas including staff conditions (including working hours and salaries), staff profiles, Lifestyle programs and providing places for those with a welfare need.  What will be the benchmarks once public ownership has gone?

In 2013 the Monash Community overtly demonstrated it values quality in the care of elderly and vulnerable citizens by actively demonstrating against the sale of Monash Council owned aged care facilities.  The Council sold despite the protest.

Empowering Monash and YOU will advocate for the best quality aged care, both residential and in the home, for people in the municipality and beyond.

If there are to be reforms, legislators must know the community is demanding them.

As elderly rights are being eroded with very few safeguards available ‒ each of which are very expensive to exercise ‒ one must make a stand to prevent the aged care system becoming the ‘brave new world’, where people with ‘expired use-by dates’ are helplessly locked up in with no rights and dignity. Becoming aged now leads to dispossession in regards to the stripping of rights and property. The elderly can no longer be considered citizens with rights.

Source:,6070 accessed 11 Feb 2014


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    This new web site has grown out of the Save Monash Gardens web site. It intends to advocate for quality aged care in Monash on an ongoing basis. Of course Save Monash Gardens and Save Elizabeth Gardens continues! There are transition issues and staffing still to be resolved. There is a blue button on the left hand sidebar of the new web site – click on this and enter an email address – you will then receive an email every time a new post is up. The email address will not be used for any other purpose. GayleVN


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