And Now The Glen. A proposal for three towers – 8, 12 and 23 storeys – of one and two bedroom apartments.

The Glen, 2013

A planning application has been submitted for “Alterations and Additions to The Existing Shopping Centre”.  That’s one way of describing building three apartment towers reaching up to 23 storeys above Springvale Road.


See the full application at and follow the links to the Advertised Planning Applications.  The redevelopment’s application number is TPA/43692 (currently near the bottom of the first page but may well move).

If you wish to object to the planning application, full details of the process are listed at where you will also find the online and downloadable versions of the objection form.

It’s hard to find in the 80 pages of documentation but the short form is that there is a proposal to build one eight storey apartment tower above Kingsway, a second 12 storey apartment tower above Snedden Drive and a third 23 storey tower overlooking O’Sullivan Road opposite the approved 15 storey Village Walk redevelopment.  Disturbingly, the development documentation continues to refer to their “Signature Tower” as 19 storeys “above podium level” rather than describing it as a 23 storey tower comprising 19 storeys of apartments above four storeys of retail and commercial properties. The towers will contain 275 single bedroom apartments and 240 two-bedroom apartments.  This, combined with office, retail and visitor parking requirements will result in a total of 3631 parking spaces on the site by project’s end.

Given the community opposition to the 15 storeys at Village Walk, it’s little wonder the developer appears to be keen to play down the scale of this development however they can.

There is no information or announcement on public display anywhere obvious throughout the entire shopping centre.  Usually a shopping centre is quite keen to announce their plans to become a bigger, better, brighter centre with all the public benefits they argue are attendant upon that change.  Why the big secret before Council considers the plans?

Public information sessions will be held on Monday, May 4 between 5.30pm and 8.00pm and again on Tuesday, May 5 between 2.00pm and 4.30pm.  Both meetings are at the Glen Waverley Civic Centre near the library.

It seems that this application may be operating on an accelerated timeline – the planning application notice says that Council will not decide on the application “before 12 May 2015” which is only 3 weeks after erection of the notice boards.

Glen Waverley: Up She Rises

Objection to the 15 storey Village Walk proposal


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