Glen Waverley high-rise controversy

The issue reported on by Tim (reblogged post below) is exacerbated by the approval of Council to build a 15 storey building on the south side of O’Sullivan Road with car access through the lane to O’Sullivan Road. Traffic flow along O’Sullivan Road near The Glen is a nightmare already.

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Monash community group supports open-space for interactions between cultural groups. Picture: @EMonashU

By Tim Santasombat

Monash community groups urge foropen green space for interaction between cultural groups in place of a multi-storey high-rise in Glen Waverley.

Empowering Monash & You as part of at least two community groups in Monash area is calling for the redevelopment of the central car park in Glen Waverley to be an open space for interactions between cultural groups.

This community group study reveals the excessive amount of high rise development does not meet the needs of people living in the area. Social isolation and health issues are likely to be a consequence of living in high-density buildings.

Community group spokeswoman Gayle Nicholas told The Herald Sun, the redevelopment plan would put Glen Waverley to become the new Box Hill.

Mrs Nicholas said the construction of high-rise residential buildings did not consider the existing…

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