Unpublished Letter to the Editor re Monash Council Local Law 1

Many of the ‘letters’ community members send to the newspapers do not get published.  EM&U will publish selected community focussed Letters to the Editor on this web site.

Send your unpublished piece to EMonashU@gmail.com.

Note we reserve the right to choose which letters we will publish.  Abusive, offensive material and material not focussed on the community will not be published.

The email below was sent to Leader Press on 17 June:

Dear Editor,

It was pleasing, at the Monash Council Committee meeting 16 June, to see a reduced power distance between Councillors and Public Gallery. Gallery members who had not made submissions were allowed to speak and ask questions. Whether due to the particular composition of the gallery or a desire to genuinely consult with the community this is a refreshing change from a Council that has rigidly stuck to seventies style procedures and local laws.
The Council needs to go further and revise Local Law 1 to be more in line with other Councils and current business practices. Public Question Time procedures need to be updated allowing members of the public to ask questions and questions to be submitted before the meeting starts (instead of the day before). Meetings should be broadcast for those who cannot attend. Currently there are groups in our community who are unable to attend meetings. Examples are people with disabilities, elderly who do not go out at night and shift workers.
Let’s hope “the times they are a-changing”.

Gayle, Glen Waverley

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