Monash resident’s letter to Council

The following letter commenting on the Amendments to the Monash Housing Plan was forwarded to EM&U by a Glen Waverley resident (name and address supplied):

Monash Municipal Offices, 22ND. July,  2015

293 Springvale Road,


Attention:  Strategic Planning Team.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Ref:  Amendments C120 and C125.

I am writing to outline the concern by many Glen Waverley residents of the proposed development of the GWAC in relation to building heights and density.

The C120 leaflet dated June 2015 outlining DDO12 building heights for Areas B and C, does not provide clear directions, (as stated)  in that 10+ and 8+ storeys gives no indication of the maximum height allowable.   This is a major concern, as plans are before council applying for high rise development  well in excess of these  figures.  We also need to ensure that buildings such as that currently being built on Cnr. Fairhills Parade and Danien Street,  Glen Waverley are no longer approved.  Three sides of this building are barely  1 metre from the boundaries.

We are not against development but against inappropriate development.  The existing Ikon building of 10 storeys,  the now approved 15 storey in O’Sullivan Road, and two of the three apartment blocks in The Glen redevelopment would be regarded as by far, the maximum acceptable  height for buildings in our municipality.  The 23 storey high rise tower submitted to council by the developer promises to be a permanent blight on our landscape, and should not be considered for one moment.

The recent advertisement by Monash Council in the Waverley Leader dated July 7, gave us some hope.   With the headline of “Protection of Monash’s ‘garden city’ character”  we were heartened to learn that those in council/town planning, may be striving for the same end.   Which brings us to ask “where are all the thousands of future  apartment dwellers going in order to enjoy some open/green space.”    With no back yard,  a small balcony,  a concrete jungle and the distant hills,  it’s a poor substitute for having an open/green space near your door.

This brings us to the Central Car Park, bordered by Springvale Road, Railway Parade North and Coleman Parade.    We ask council/town planning to be forward thinking and courageous, by declaring this area to be an open/green space, e.g. ‘ Monash Square’.  By providing an area where the community could come together for a variety of leisure activities,  we would be the envy of all.

The towns and cities blessed  with well sized  ‘Squares and Parks’  stand apart from the rest.  The proposed small areas of  green space is not conducive for bringing the community together, as one large open area would do.  With such a multi cultural municipality as Monash, the importance of providing a place for people of difference ethnic backgrounds  to mingle and  get to know each other, cannot be overstated.  Taking motor vehicles out of this area  – the traffic and pollution which is ever increasing,  would free up the GWAC considerably.  Additional car parks could be found by increasing the capacity of existing car park areas.

I am outlining thoughts and discussions held with a number of local residents, and ask that the decision makers of Monash look into the future before making these important decisions, and make future generations proud of the wonderful  ‘garden city’  this generation has created  for them.

Yours sincerely,


EM&U thanks this resident for providing constructive feedback to Monash Council on the proposed amendments.  Complaining doesn’t go anywhere but constructive feedback is a step toward creating a better community for us all.

EM&U will consider publishing copies of letters if name and address of writer is provided. Email your letter to

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