Nominate a volunteer for the Caroline Chisholm Award 2015!

Do you know anyone in the community who deserves to be recognised?

Volunteers can be nominated for a Caroline Chisholm Award  for their outstanding voluntary work. The award will represented by by MP Anna Burke. The Awards are open to volunteers who reside or do their voluntary work in the seat of Chisholm, which covers all of Box Hill, Mount Waverley, parts of Box Hill North, Burwood, Ashwood, Chadstone, Clayton, Oakleigh and  and Glen Waverley.

What is the Caroline Chisholm Award?  

It is named after Caroline Chisholm, a humanitarian known for her involvement with the welfare and political rights of women and children in the 19th century.  There are many volunteers out there who have volunteered their time to make a difference in the community also and deserve to be recognised for their efforts.   You can nominate a person for this award by clicking on image to print the application. Nominations close 18 September 2015.

History on Caroline Chisholm:


Snippet of 2014 Caroline Chisholm Volunteer Awards: Caroline Chisholm Awards 2014 Facebook Photos


Level Crossing Removal in Monash

There’s been a bit of fuss recently about level crossings in Victoria and, if you’ve been watching the Monash Bulletin, in Monash in particular.

Last month’s Monash Bulletin trumpeted the wonders of this project in what some consider to be a front page hard to distinguish from an ALP election campaign leaflet while the Councillor News column took a swipe at the parts that aren’t yet scheduled or funded.  The whole publication led to a disgraceful and unseemly round of personal attacks and bullying behaviour at the last council meeting.

One piece of good news is that, for those who live near the affected crossings, the government will be conducting public consultation sessions ( where residents can comment on the proposed removal and make suggestions about how the finished crossing and surrounds should work.  If you live near:

  • Burke Road, Glen Iris
  • North Road, Ormond
  • McKinnon Road, McKinnon
  • Centre Road, Bentleigh
  • Grange Rd, Carnegie
  • Koornang Rd, Carnegie
  • Murrumbeena Rd, Murrumbeena
  • Poath Rd, Murrumbeena
  • Clayton Rd, Clayton
  • Centre Rd, Clayton
  • Corrigan Rd, Noble Park
  • Heatherton Rd, Noble Park
  • Chandler Rd, Noble Park

Then you should consider attending one of the consultation sessions to have your say.  These projects are currently under way in the Monash area; this is your chance.

Submission re Amendment C120 Glen Waverley Activity Zone

The attached submission has been forwarded to Monash City Council on behalf of the 39 community members who helped to prepare and support the submission.  We ask for a green and open area in the Central Car Park to protect our environment and provide a healthy lifestyle for residents. You can support the ideas in the submission by including them in your own submission, or you can offer your own ideas to improve the Glen Waverley Activity Zone.

This week Greater Dandenong Council responded to their community’s request to save green and open space in their community!!! See:02.6.1 Proposal to Sell Part of 75A Whitworth Avenue, Springvale to Minaret College

Whatever you think about the Monash City Council plans it is important to let the Council know.  All you need to do is write an email or letter to the Council expressing your views. You have until 31 August

Click on title below to open submission from 39 residents:

signs of change
Signs of change above Glen Waverley taken 31 July 2015

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Should Aged Care facilities have registered nurses on duty 24/7?

Aged careA State Parliamentary Committee accepted submissions on an inquiry for the need for registered nurses in NSW aged care facilities for residents who require a high level of care. Click on link:  Detailed Inquiry document.


You can also read more about it by clicking on link provided to direct you to this article:

Inquiry to investigate how aged care residents will fare without registered nurses on duty 24/7

An inquiry will examine how aged care residents will be affected if registered nurses are not rostered on all shifts.
An inquiry will examine how aged care residents will be affected if registered nurses are not rostered on all shifts. (ABC News)

An inquiry will examine how New South Wales’ most vulnerable aged care residents will fare in a future without registered nurses on duty at all times.

Aged Care Crisis submitted their response to the inquiry. They recommend that the  “state based Public Health Act 201031 should be amended accordingly until the federal Aged Care Act 1997 is amended to specify all nursing homes with high care residents should be staffed at all times by at least one registered nurse.”
Link to their submission: Aged Care Crisis Submission
Want to know more about Aged Care Crisis:

Submissions from other organisations click link provided: Submissions to Registered nurses in New South Wales nursing homes.

I agree that all aged care facilities with high care residents should be staffed at all times by at least one registered nurse!

Some residents have complex care needs and should be monitored by a registered nurse at all times. These resident’s are human beings and should be cared for appropriately, with qualified staff and with dignity.  There have been many cases where resident’s have been put at risk without qualified staff. We need more nurses, not less!




Hands off our reserve! Another Council not interested in green open space?

Have you seen this article? Another Council not interested in green open space?

Glendale Reserve, SpringvaleGreater Dandenong Council plans to sell part of Springvale’s Glendale Reserve to Minaret College   GEORDIE COWAN SPRINGVALE DANDENONG LEADER JUNE 01, 2015 12:15PM  
via Greater Dandenong Council plans to sell part of Springvale’s Glendale Reserve to Minaret College | Herald Sun.

The City of Greater Dandenong Council is proposing to sell part of Glendale Reserve located at Whitworth Avenue, which is very much-loved and highly used by community members. The land is occupied by the existing kindergarten and scout hall (used by the Scout Association).

The Council proposes to sell the land to property owners, Minaret College (Islamic School) to be used. If Council goes ahead with the sale the land will need to be rezoned and the reserve status removed.


Submissions on the proposal from the community were accepted by the council and they had the opportunity to express their views at a consultation meeting, with majority of attendees against the sale.


Residents and community members protest that the Glendale Reserve is one of the only green spaces around that area. Buildings on the land can be demolished and will be more open space. This will cater to future generations, young and old. There is a high rate of couples with children in Springvale and the need for open space for children to play and be outdoors. Many children may spend more time on the internet or watching TV due to a lack of open space and a lack of exercise is detrimental to their physical health.


Other communities are fighting for more open space as important for the wellbeing of the community.

Low levels of exercise and obesity is a concern as well as chronic disease. The Greater Dandenong Council CWP Priorities and Objectives 2013-17 states that for recreation, facilities and programs are provided which will help increase participation in sport, leisure and the arts. More participation in physical activity results from providing adequate, good quality parks and open spaces.


Minaret college who is leasing the kindergarten has planned to expand the building if purchase the land. However the council report summary of the proposed sale states that the traffic within Whitworth Avenue can become very congested at the peak school times. By Minaret continuing to expand on this location and increasing the size of the kindergarten, this will only add to an existing concern.                                             


The Council did mention that if sold, funds could be used to purchase more open space in Springvale North. However in the past another reserve Erickson Gardens was sold to build a new Police Station and had the opportunity to use funds to increase open space, it has not done so. In fact their open strategy report revealed that it is lacking in open space in that area and many other areas in Springvale.


There needs to be some balance. If allow for this to happen what will stop others doing the same in other areas. The council need to keep this land and consider the consequences if go ahead and sell.

Take a stand now to save the reserve! Attend the Council meeting on 10 August 2015 at 7pm to show your support. Councillors need to know!

Venue: Council Chambers Level 2, 225 Lonsdale Street, Dandenong


Glendale Reserve

Want to know more? Click on link provided – Save out spaces plea

Contact Glendale Reserve Campaign Group

Save Glendale Reserve Facebook Page

Save Glendale Reserve Facebook Page
Save Glendale Reserve Facebook Page –  click image