Submission re Amendment C120 Glen Waverley Activity Zone

The attached submission has been forwarded to Monash City Council on behalf of the 39 community members who helped to prepare and support the submission.  We ask for a green and open area in the Central Car Park to protect our environment and provide a healthy lifestyle for residents. You can support the ideas in the submission by including them in your own submission, or you can offer your own ideas to improve the Glen Waverley Activity Zone.

This week Greater Dandenong Council responded to their community’s request to save green and open space in their community!!! See:02.6.1 Proposal to Sell Part of 75A Whitworth Avenue, Springvale to Minaret College

Whatever you think about the Monash City Council plans it is important to let the Council know.  All you need to do is write an email or letter to the Council expressing your views. You have until 31 August

Click on title below to open submission from 39 residents:

signs of change
Signs of change above Glen Waverley taken 31 July 2015

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