Level Crossing Removal in Monash

There’s been a bit of fuss recently about level crossings in Victoria and, if you’ve been watching the Monash Bulletin, in Monash in particular.

Last month’s Monash Bulletin trumpeted the wonders of this project in what some consider to be a front page hard to distinguish from an ALP election campaign leaflet while the Councillor News column took a swipe at the parts that aren’t yet scheduled or funded.  The whole publication led to a disgraceful and unseemly round of personal attacks and bullying behaviour at the last council meeting.

One piece of good news is that, for those who live near the affected crossings, the government will be conducting public consultation sessions (http://economicdevelopment.vic.gov.au/transport/major-projects/level-crossing-removal-project/whats-happening) where residents can comment on the proposed removal and make suggestions about how the finished crossing and surrounds should work.  If you live near:

  • Burke Road, Glen Iris
  • North Road, Ormond
  • McKinnon Road, McKinnon
  • Centre Road, Bentleigh
  • Grange Rd, Carnegie
  • Koornang Rd, Carnegie
  • Murrumbeena Rd, Murrumbeena
  • Poath Rd, Murrumbeena
  • Clayton Rd, Clayton
  • Centre Rd, Clayton
  • Corrigan Rd, Noble Park
  • Heatherton Rd, Noble Park
  • Chandler Rd, Noble Park

Then you should consider attending one of the consultation sessions to have your say.  These projects are currently under way in the Monash area; this is your chance.


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