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Monash Council Report says ‘no changes’ in response to community feedback

After an extensive community consultation plan on Amendment C120 to the Monash Planning Scheme (Glen Waverley Activity Centre) a Monash Council Report recommends NO CHANGE to the Planning Scheme.

The Council held Information Sessions and sought information at Listening Posts.  Have they listened?  Have they read the letters, emails and submissions from community members?  It appears not really.

The Council Report is recommending an Independent Panel appointed by the Minister for Planning consider the submissions.  It remains to be seen whether the panel will understand the people, nature and heart beat of Glen Waverley and surrounds.

The submission put forward by 39 people associated with Empowering Monash and YOU, for green and open space managed by the people on the Central Car Park area, was not accepted.

The Report will go to the Council Meeting on Tuesday 27 October, 7.30 pm at Clayton Community Centre.  Councillors will vote on whether to accept the report. You have until noon Monday 26 October to submit questions for Public Question Time. Whether or not you are asking a question please come along to support those that do and to see how the Councillors in your ward vote.

Why not contact your ward Councillor before the meeting with your comments on the Report?

Central Car Park
Central Car Park Glen Waverley

A few excerpts from the report (with comments – add your comments by clicking on “Leave a Comment” at the top of this post)

“These centrally located taller buildings will also help to create a clear and visible presence for the activity centre.”

Who wants this?  Have you asked to see the activity centre from your home or nearby park?  Would you prefer to see the activity centre or the birds flying home at sunset?

“The vision for the future development of the Ring Road is a key element of the transport network and the overall urban design concept for the activity centre”

The PTV say sinking the railway is a low priority and there is no money to do it, so how do we get a ring road?

“…if a public space is too large it can lack life and eventually become uninviting..”

Who says this?  There are great public open spaces across Europe and Asia, so this statement needs a reference or further explanation to hold any weight.

You can read the report by going to Tuesday evening’s meeting agenda Item 4.1

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2 thoughts on “Monash Council Report says ‘no changes’ in response to community feedback”

  1. “…if a public space is too large it can lack life and eventually become uninviting..”
    Anybody seen the rather vibrant space called Martin Place in Sydney? That is about 400m long and as wide as the proposed community square from Railway Pde North to Railway Pde South.
    Sydney council and the traders and businesses along the edges obviously have a process to allow a variety of groups to use the space for festivals, concerts, Christmas tableaux. There are cafes, restaurants and public seating where locals eat lunch and dinner.
    The tragedy of this comment from Council is that it flies in the face of their own, justifiably proud, boasts about the success they had when they put simple play equipment outside the library and watch as people used it freely without outside management. Imagine what could be done on a larger scale here.


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