Monash Council proceeds with EOI despite community feedback

In this morning’s article in the Monash Leader Square plans in bad shape Mayor Paul Klisaris states the Expression of Interest (EOI) process for the development of Central Car Park (10+ storeys on Central Car Park) has started.  This is quite amazing in view of the large numbers of community members who have provided feedback on alternative uses for this publicly owned land. Council intends to carry out their plans without engaging the community.

This is hard to understand as a similar process during the dispute over the sale of residential aged care in 2013 effectively put a solid brick wall between Council and the community.  The community came out by the hundreds demanding to be heard, an extensive media campaign followed and emotion poured out at noisy Council meetings.

The alienated community declared they would not re-elect this Council in 2016. 

So close on Council’s refusal to incorporate any of the community feedback into the Glen Waverley Activity Centre Council is pursuing this obviously flawed process. The process is  making a mockery of ‘Listening Posts’ and community consultation.  In fact, the decision to call for Expressions of Interest to buy the land, was announced in Council before consultation with stakeholders was complete.

To read the full article in today’s Monash Leader follow the link below:

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