Getting a perspective on Council illustrations

The picture below is on this week’s mailout from Monash Council to people in Glen Waverley.  If you think this looks like a spacious area with trees and lots of open space read on!!!


Below is the previous picture put out by Monash Council.  It shows the  area allocated to “Town Square” – look closely – the area allocated to the “Town Square” is little more than the width of the road in front of the IKON Building.  Note also the height of the buildings from Springvale Road to the open area (central right of image below).  All in all it is an area crammed with buildings and a small open space.


The community has asked for the WHOLE are of Central Car Park to be made open space.  The community owns the land and the community has the right to have a say!

Recently in Bendigo a community member organised a fun day for people of all cultures and religions  – 2,000 people attended!  See:

Monash has allowed a space for only 600 people.

Information sessions are being held in December and January (not the most convenient times for the public).  See



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