Community initiated Council forum a success!

“Our City should be driven by the people that live in it” Mr Frank Cresia

This week representatives from community groups, including Empowering Monash & YOU, attended a forum at the Monash Council Offices in Glen Waverley.  Cr Geoff Lake, Dr Andi Diamond and Mr Peter Panagakos represented Monash Council.  Mr Frank Cresia, from the John Monash Square group chaired the meeting.

The focus of the meeting was the future of the Central Car Park site in Glen Waverley.

Monash community members have put in submissions to Council and the John Monash Multicultural Square proposal has received particular attention by Council. The proposals ask for the full extent of the car park to be green and open public space and suggest many ways the space can be used e.g. an open air stage.  An underground car park has been costed.

The Council’s proposal for the land includes 10+storey buildings comprising commercial and residential use, a ‘state of the art’ library and a small public square.

The forum began with two slide presentations.  Cr Geoff Lake presented on behalf of the Council and Mr Frank Cresia presented on behalf of the residents action group.

Cr Lake indicated no decision has been made, but many in the audience were skeptical about this. He highlighted the financial issue as perceived by Council and emphasized a need for a grand library such as the library recently opened in Geelong.  He said the northern end of Kingsway is a planning issue.  The Council is very happy with the function of the remainder of Kingsway.

“Underground car park on the [Central Car Park] site is a strategy that addresses long term car parking issues and brings economic benefit for Council”
Mr Frank Cresia

Mr Cresia emphasized the cultural diversity in Monash and the importance of the community being involved in planning and design. Mr Cresia’s slide presentation is attached below.

The community group, after seeking advice from an engineer, stated a preference for the new library to be built on the current Glen Waverley Library site or extending into the car park on the south side of the library.  This will keep the small open area outside the Council offices an active pedestrian area.

The need for new Council offices was not specifically mentioned.  Community  members have questioned this need.  Over the last two years there have been some reductions in Council staff (e.g. aged care, school holiday program) and a trend towards employing consultants (who typically provide their own office accommodation).  Council needs to provide a Business Case demonstrating the need for new office space before this becomes a viable project.

Dr Chan Chea presented a slide show emphasizing the importance of good governance principles in local council decision making processes.

“Transparent decision making shows: the viable options, how & what the decision making criteria is, and recommends the best value option with a full disclosure of how the decision was made,  the implementation schedule and the risk management framework” Dr Chan Chea

Click on the link below to view the presentation by Mr Cresia.

Click on the link below to view the presentation by Dr Chan Chea.

Following the presentations community members asked many questions and made comments.  The community called for the current Expression of Interest (EOI) process to be stopped to allow for consultation with the community.

One woman commented she had lived in Glen Waverley for 30 years and only just found out Central Car Park was to be built on.  This morning I chatted with another woman who said, “I always read the Monash Bulletin but I didn’t know [Central Car Park] was to be built on”.



Actions for YOU to take if you would like to create this legacy for future generations in Glen Waverley:


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