Aged Care Complaints Commissioner New Website!


The Aged Care Complaints Commissioner new website is now running!

An independent complaints system was implemented and hopefully concerns will be managed appropriately and efficiently. Independent Aged Care Complaints arrangements [152.8 kB]

They have a variety of resources or information for the community, especially on raising a concern about an aged care provider. Have a look at their ‘How aged care advocacy can help you’ factsheet –

Fact sheet – How aged care advocacy can help you –

“Advocacy is defined as ‘the process of standing alongside an individual who is disadvantaged and speaking out on their behalf in a way that represents the best interests of that person.’ An advocate will assist the person receiving aged care to achieve the best outcome for them.”

The Elder Rights Advocacy is the service for Victorians who receive an aged care service that is funded by the Australian Government. Please contact them if you feel that you need support in raising a concern or you feel that your concern has not been taken seriously by your aged care provider.

Elder Rights Advocacy


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