Save our creek – support NRZ4

Dandenong Creek is suffering from too much water run off over too short a period of time.  As more concrete gets laid and more development occurs on the escarpment the problem gets worse.  Creek life gets washed out in to the bay, our leisure areas become muddy and the developed residential areas flood.  The northern area of the escarpment is particularly subject to flooding as underground creeks run through the area directly to the creek.  The water still builds on the surface even though the creeks are underground.

The problem is too much water run off over too short a time. 

We need large trees to soak up the water and permeable ground to slow down the flow.

2012-07-02 14.28.59
A light shower and the path in Brighton Street floods.  A creek flows underground in this area.

The Melbourne Water area designated as Dandenong Creek Escarpment is bigger that the area decided on by Monash Council. Melbourne Water designates the west boundary of the escarpment as Glen Waverley North Reserve and Mulgrave Street.  The south boundary extends beyond The Glen.

Melbourne water map
The map provided by Melbourne Water shows the Dandenong Creek escarpment boundary running along the Glen Waverley North Reserve and to the south of The Glen.  This is a larger escarpment than the area designated by Monash Council as escarpment.


Within the Melbourne Water designated escarpment area we have large developments such as The Glen and Mountain View Hotel.  These developments contain large impermeable areas.  We have a reduction in tree canopy and more development across the whole escarpment.

Ideally water moves slowly to the creek and the water runs at a fairly even pace.  However the creek is running fast after rain and the banks are eroding.  With more canopy trees and more permeable ground the flow of water to the creek will slow down.

A vote for more trees and more permeable ground i.e. a vote to accept the proposed changed to NRZ4 is a vote to maintain our environment for future generations.

How to support NRZ4

  • Go to the community forums being held by Monash Council:

Workshop – Wednesday 10 February, 7-9pm
Oakleigh Hall (142-144 Drummond Street, Oakleigh)

Workshop – Thursday 11 February, 7-9pm
Monash Civic Centre (293 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley)

Response Event – Thursday 3 March, 7-9pm
Monash Civic Centre (293 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley

Permeable paths are attractive, soft under foot and do not damage the health of the creek.


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Monash Council

Melbourne 1945 Map Use the overlay to compare Melbourne in 1945 to Melbourne today.  The free flowing creeks on the northern escarpment are visible on the 1945 map – and there are many tell tale signs around our community today making it possible to trace the creeks that are now underground.








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  1. More Our Say posts to consider voting for:

    Remember you have SIX VOTES – use them on one post or spread them across several. The questions with the most votes will be answered by Monash Council at the meeting on Thursday 3 March 7 – 9 pm at the Monash Civic Centre.


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