Glen Waverley traffic congestion: flaws in Council plan

I hear many community members saying there is no point spending time responding to Monash Council’s call for feedback on plans for the Glen Waverley Activity Centre.  “Council have already decided”, “They will do what they want” and “I don’t have time.”  These are understandable views on the current situation.  I have been asking why I should give so much time to writing submissions and reports when the community view is rarely acted upon.

One Monash resident, Lynnette Saloumi, is commended by Empowering Monash & YOU for the endless hours she has put in for the purpose of making Glen Waverley a liveable city.  There is no doubt Glen Waverley is currently at risk of becoming traffic jammed, over-crowded and disconnected.

Lynette has given EM&U permission to print her response to Monash Council’s traffic model plan.  She points out many discrepancies and inconsistencies, highlighting the issues that will arise if the Council plan goes ahead. She concludes with the view constructing the Ring Road, according to the Council’s plans, would not satisfy Local Government (Best Value Principles) Act 1999.

STOP PRESS: Murray Nicholas’s response to the same Council document has been added below.  Murray is an active EM&U supporter and we also commend him for the work he does for the Glen Waverley community.

Lynette & Murray’s reports and the Monash Council document they responded to have been attached below.  Click on the title to open a document.

Traffic Modelling C120 Monash Submitter 24 Response (PDF 1789KB)
Community member’s response to Monash Council (published with permission)

Planning Panel Submissions 13 and 43
Community  member’s response to Monash Council (published with permission)

Copy of (DOC-16-51593) — Monash C120 Traffic modelling information requested by Panel (PDF 766KB)
Monash Council’s Traffic modelling for Glen Waverley.

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One thought on “Glen Waverley traffic congestion: flaws in Council plan”

  1. It’s interesting to note that 14% of responses (counted by submission documents, not the tens of co-signatories per document) to Council’s C120 proposal recommended retaining Central Car Park as some form of open, green space. Specific reference was made to retention of tree cover. Meanwhile, Monash Leader, February 17, 2015 on page 8 reproduced a chart showing “Percentage of canopy cover by local government area” (shade rates) sourced from 202020 VIsion – Monash ranked 16th of the 35 councils listed with a mere 19.4% of our city having a useful tree canopy for shade. SLIP, SLOP, SLAP in Monash folks.


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