Community members plea for user pays underground car park

Are you finding it difficult to keep up to date with all the planning codes and changes in Glen Waverley?  You are not alone. 

In this post Lynnette Saloumi sets out the case for green and open space on Central Car Park.

Remove Area B 10+ storeys from the Central Car Park site at 281 Springvale Rd Glen Waverley

The (existing) Central Car Park site is the jewel in the heart of Glen Waverley. Perfectly positioned – it should not be carved up and subsequently stifled by the weight of yet more unwelcome high rise developments.

People who argue that it would cost too much to keep this strategic open space for the community are not visionaries. There should be consideration for Glen Waverley residents long past 2035. Great public places withstand the test of time – St Marks’ Square is iconic, huge –and 900 years old and consistently rated the No. 1 attraction in Venice. Although free to visit, by definition, the ‘attraction” drives economic activity in the region, as would an open square in ours.

The will to sell off the site in its entirety has been driven by the desire of one proponent to relocate Monash’s sixth library (currently situated 200m away) onto the Kingsway edge of the site. To do this an EOI for the sale of the entire site was released promoting the 7114sq m site for high rise, i.e. 10+ storeys, developments. This EOI process should be stopped.

Given the published cost of $45M to build the 6000sq m Geelong Library and Heritage Archive Centre on which the criteria for the “new” Glen Waverley library is based, it would seem extravagant in the extreme to impose such a burden on Monash ratepayers. In Geelong, the original 750sq m library was knocked down and another erected on the same site in the civic – not commercial – precinct. In contrast to the 81sq km City of Monash, the City of Greater Geelong is 1249sqkm. Glen Waverley, a suburb with real estate sales of $885M last year, supports a demographic well able to privately cater for its own technological needs.

With a series of recent community consultations on the future of the Central Car Park Site completed, where all attendees were in fierce agreement to keep the site as open public space it is our opinion that to pursue personal goals at the expense of the welfare of the community present and future would be unthinkable and in defiance of the community’s wishes. A library with limited opening hours would create a ‘dead’ centre and dissuade Kingsway bound trade. Similarly a tower block fronting Springvale Rd – would be a BLOCK.

The site is perfect for a user pays underground car park. The square would provide balance in an otherwise built environment. As an outdoor venue it can attract hirer’s fees. It could provide the entry platform for an underground retail outlet such as an Apple Store eg New York and Istanbul. Such stores are accessed through a glass cube entry point that does not disturb the vista above.


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