An aged care service opening their doors to community participation!

Community Engagement
Community Engagement – Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Uniting AgeWell have decided to implement a Community Advisory Committee (ACAC) where community members have an opportunity to participate and play a role in improving aswell as planning for future services. They provide home care, independent and assisted living, respite, residential care and community therapy programs.

Community advisory committees are usually implemented at Hospital or Community Health services. They are monitored against a mandatory Standard 2: Partnering with consumers. This ensures that consumers or community members play a role in the decision making and to improve the safety and quality of care provided. More info: Partnering with Consumers Standard 2 Factsheet

Aged Care facilities do not have to follow this standard and operate consumer committees but Uniting AgeWell has decided to  implement one and set up a consumer register. They are probably one of the first to establish such a committee. 

I cannot stress how important it is for aged care facilities or providers to implement these types of committees as it will ensure transparency and accountability, as well as community members advocating for people who use these services. I would like to see other aged care providers implement these committees. It is also a good example of the ‘Doing it with us not for us’ Victorian government’s policy on consumer, carer and community participation. Standard 2: Partnering with consumers should be implemented for aged care providers and made mandatory. 

If you would like to participate in the AgeWell Committee Advisory Committee you can contact contact Nickie Arthur on  9862 0076 or by  email at

An induction and orientation program will be provided and training through the Health Issues Centre for appointed members. Source – Giving older people a voice.

Want to know about your role in the committee? Click on link provided to direct you to their handbook. AgeWell Community Advisory Committee Handbook.

What does the community think about implementing a mandatory Standard 2: Partnering with consumers

If you would like to advocate for this to happen you can send a letter to Hon MP Sussan Ley, Minster for Health and Aged Care asking for this standard to be implemented  to ensure transparency and accountability in aged care facilities or services.

If you are aware of other aged care providers who run consumer advisory committees and not attached to hospitals, please let us know by contacting us.

Links to more information about consumer committees

Consumer Health Forum

Health Issues Centre

Participation and Communication

Our Health, Our Community

Links to other services with committee participants

Monash Health

Link Health and Community

Eastern Health


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