Proper review of Central Car Park called for

The agenda for Council meeting Tuesday 26 April is online at:

EM&U encourages all residents to attend the Council meeting on Tuesday 26 April 7.30 pm at the Council Offices 293 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley. Whether the agenda item is Oakleigh, Mulgrave, Clayton, Glen Waverley etc doesn’t matter.  The processes of Council is effecting, or will effect us, all in the long run.  Let’s work together to change the way things get done NOW.

Cr Robert Davies, Mulgrave Ward, has put forward a Notice of Motion requesting Council:

Halts and reviews the current RFP process related to the Glen Waverley
Central Car park Site to enable Council to review all options for the site
and ensure the Community’s views are properly consulted

Read Cr Davies full submission here:

The motion will be welcomed by many Glen Waverley Ward residents who are feeling cast aside and overwhelmed by the feedback process.  The people want to keep their suburb a livable and attractive green area. The Council ploughs ahead with its plan, without effectively engaging the community in the design and decision making process.

The submission about Central Car Park associated with Empowering Monash and YOU has been lost in scuffles between community groups, exhausting numbers of community sessions, lots of paperwork and confusion.  Most Councillors seem ill informed about the impact of events in Glen Waverley.

This said, it would be disappointing to see Tuesday night’s Council meeting turn into another slinging match between political parties.  Later this year you will vote for Councillors in your ward.  Come along to Council and see how the person you could vote for behaves.  Let’s demand the type of behaviour we all have to keep our work places.  Why should the Council be excused from Equity and Access requirements?


Agenda Items 6.4, 6.5 and 7.3 concern development in Mount Waverley and Glen Waverley:
6.4 Mount Waverley Community Infrastructure Project (PDF, 138KB)
6.5 Glen Waverley Central Car Park (PDF, 196KB)
7.3 RFP Process – Glen Waverley Central Car Park – Cr Davies

2016-02-20 11.28.51
This tree in Mulgrave is believed to be the same type as the trees in Central Car Park.  If the trees are allowed to grow there will be a beautiful avenue of trees.

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2016-01-26 12.04.33
Melbourne 2016: Tai Chi in the park between avenues of trees.

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