Recycled Mayor and controversy

Cr Geoff Lake is has been recycled to the position of Mayor of Monash.  The appointment is not without controversy some of which is reported in Hansard:

The Labor Party, which has a stranglehold on the City of Monash, should not delay the filling of [the vacancy arising from Stephanie Perri’s resignation] so that it can use its numbers to elect a mayor before the vacancy is filled.

Mrs PEULICH Hansard 3 May 2016

Furthermore, I understand that the resignation of Cr Klisaris, who is also the Labor candidate for the federal seat of Aston, is being delayed to facilitate the installation of another Labor mayor, thereby creating a stranglehold again.

Mrs PEULICH Hansard 3 May 2016


Featured Image: Dandenong Creek escarpment east of Srpingvale Road

Cr Geoff Lake has recently proposed the following changes to the Monash Planning Scheme Amendment C125:

  • a reduction in the number of canopy trees required to a minimum of 2 across Monash
  • removing the proposed 5 metre rear setbacks in GRZ3 & 4 and NRZ 1 & 4
  • removing the steepest part of the Dandenong Creek escarpment (see photo above) from NRZ4

On 3 May at a special meeting, not attended by Cr Lake, speaker after speaker made it clear to Council it did not agree with this proposal.  Will Cr Lake head the advice of residents in his own ward, Glen Waverley?

Further information:


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