Commuting standstill: Council and Community need to act

9 AM TUESDAY 18 MAY 2016

Traffic south bound on Springvale Road at a standstill 800-900 metres from the High Street Road intersection.

Cars travelling at minimum speed and banked up across 3 lanes on Springvale Road is a common situation in the north of Glen Waverley. One of Melbourne’s busiest transit routes is also a main access point for local residents travelling to work, to schools and other local venues.

Ten minutes from home in Glen Waverley north to the Monash Aquatic and Recreation Centre for the 9.30 class?  Forget it – allow 35 – 40 minutes.

Have a medical appointment in Glen Waverley?  Allow an extra half hour to negotiate Springvale Road.

Increasing development in the area can only increase the traffic on Springvale Road and so reduce access to traffic routes for local residents:

The State Government and Monash Council must consider the implications of increased transport on Springvale Road and other main transport routes but there is a further role for Councils and for members of the community.

Cycling paths
Pedestrian friendly environments
Public Transport
Car sharing

2016-05-18 08.57.15

From Syndal cyclists can take the Waverley Rail Trail and cycle all the way into the City or Docklands!

Upgrading the cycling track from Syndal and extending it through the Central Car Park area will enable cyclists safe off road cycling all the way to the City.  East of Central Car Park is the link to the Dandenong Creek Trail.  Safe bicycle storage near the railway station encourages riding to catch the train. Safe bicycle storage on Central Car Park will encourage people to cycle to Kingsway to borrow a Library book or to  have a coffee with friends (this is a way of life in the north of Melbourne!).

Pedestrian Friendly Environments encourage people to walk to public transport

As part of my commute I have walked from Glen Waverley north to the Glen Waverley Railway Station and the Burwood Road tram stop.  A more pedestrian friendly environment can be created by improved lighting for those dark winter nights, maintaining footpaths, cutting back vegetation over footpaths and shady trees for warmer days.  Signage to public transport, such as those in Springvale Road between Highbury Road and Burwood Highway also promote the use  of public transport.

Car Sharing?

Car sharing is up to YOU!  Ask your neighbour, post on Facebook, ask around at work.  Imagine half your current petrol bill!  Sure it takes a little compromise but the benefits are good.

2016-05-18 08.55.07
9 am: Traffic on Springvale Road banked up between Ravenswood Court and High Street Road – a distance of nearly 1 km

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4 thoughts on “Commuting standstill: Council and Community need to act”

  1. One wonders why Monash Councillors and Traffic Experts (lol) have not engaged with Vic Roads before approving developments – maybe we’ll have a sky road?


  2. And then you need to consider what happens if a pedestrian wants to cross that endless stream of “not-quite-wiling-to-stop” traffic. Bluffing your way through three lanes of traffic takes nerves of steel.

    Liked by 1 person

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