Open Space is a major contributor to liveability!

Open Space has been a hot issue recently and community members wishing for more green and open space areas to protect the environment and provide a healthy lifestyle for residents.  The Monash Council has received submissions or feedback by community members in relation to open space. However many may not be satisfied with the Council’s response to this issue.
The City of Monash Council was seeking feedback from the community to help them develop an Open Space Strategy. Consultations closed on 30 June 2016 and feedback received will be collated for an Opportunities paper to be confirmed later this year.

Did you have an opportunity to provide your views? Do you think you will be heard?

The following slide is Monash Ratepayers Open Space Strategy Slideshow and particularly in relation to converting some areas in Glen Waverley into open space.

Monash Ratepayers for Open Space Strategy

Open Space by Monash Ratepayers
Open Space Submission by Monash Ratepayers. Click to view slide/document

Under the Monash 2021 – a thriving community plan it states what community members value in relation to the environment and open space. Being in a ‘green’ city with bike or walk paths, tree-lined streets, areas to be green and leafy with fresh air and open space was important to them.

One of the Council’s key priorities for the next 10 years is for a green and naturally-rich city.  This will include maintaining the provision of open space for passive and active uses and maintaining the leafy character of the city and streets, as well as using opportunities to engage the community in discussion about environmental issues. 

What are your views on open space? Are you happy with the Council’s performance in this area so far?

The option for comments on the Open Space Strategy closed on 30 June. You can still have your say! Contact your Councillors ( and write to Leader Press (

Links relating to open space in the community:

Green Waverley: Research supports a green space for diverse uses 

Green Waverley: The Healthy Alternative

People’s Park Option for redeveloping Glen Waverley Central Car Park –  Monash Ratepayers

Monash 2021 – a thriving community

Monash Council Environment

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EM&U will publish your letters, emails etc.  We exist to empower the community to speak out. Name and contact details must be provided though not necessarily published.  Each author is responsible for their content and views do not always represent all involved with our group.


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